Drill Pipe: 2-3/8" to 6-5/8"; E75, X95, XD105 (H2S), G105, S135, Z140 and V150. Includes slimhole and completion drillpipe
Deepwater Landing Strings: 5” to 7-5/8"; S135, Z140, V150 and UD165. Includes 6-5/8” .938” & 1.093" Range 3 Slip Proof
Heavy Weight Drill Pipe: 3-1/16” to 6-5/8”; Conventional, Tri-Spiral, and Spiral-Wate
Drill Collars: 1-3/4” to 11”; Spiral and Slick
Kellys: 3-1/2” to 4-1/4”; Hex and Square, varying lengths
Subs, Pony Collars, & Pup Joints
Tubing: 3/4" to 4-1/2"; N80, T95, SS110 (Sour Service), P110, Q125, & S135.
Deepwater Landing String Pup Joints & Subs: Variety of sizes and types, all used in landing applications only
Deepwater Completion fraQTech Slick Joints: 6-5/8" OD Tubes with 5-7/8" TurboFrac-M connections & 5-7/8” OD Tubes with 5-1/2” TT-M550 connections
DeepwaterCompletion Workover Riser (CWOR) Landing Strings / Intervention Strings:
Drill Pipe, 6-5/8” GT-M69 and TT-M710 Casing, 7” 32# P110 & 7” 41# VM125SS VAM TOP HC

API, HIGH-TORQUE™ (HT™), Double Shoulder (DS), eXtreme Torque™ (XT™), eXtreme Torque-M™ (XT-M™), TurboTorque™ (TT™), TurboTorque-M™ (TT-M™), Low Torque (GT-M™), TurboFrac-M™ (TF-M™), GP Express™ (VX™), Nano™, and Delta™.

Tubing connections include PH6 type two step and EUE 8rd.

We own a wide variety of cross over subs and pup joints with Vam Drilling's VX57 and VX65 connections.

Range three (3) drill pipe is also being added to our inventory.

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* Above list may not include all tubulars, please contact us for items not currently listed.