Quail Tools began with a vision by Robert "Bob" White, of a rental tool company dedicated to quality tools, dependable service and a commitment to customers. In 1978, after a 23 year career with Wilson DownHole Services, Bob embarked on making his vision a reality and founded Quail Tools. Shortly thereafter, Bob's longtime friend and co-worker, Jimmy Jones, joined the company as a minority partner to help build the business. With just a few tools, cement mills, and a tremendous desire, Bob White put his ideas to work. Because of its strong commitment to quality and service, Quail Tools began to grow rapidly and steadily, forging relationships with customers that continue to this day.

Outgrowing the initial office and shop, which was located in Bob's backyard, Quail Tools started expanding. In 1981, a shop and pipe cleaning machine building was built in New Iberia, Louisiana on Highway 14. Shortly thereafter in 1985, Quail Tools' main operations facility was built. Today, the New Iberia location hosts three cleaning machine buildings, an inspection building, enlarged shop facilities, training facilities, a machine shop, and a fleet of eighteen wheelers.

In 1996, Parker Drilling added Quail Tools to their family of energy companies. Parker's acquisition of the company has furthered the ability of Quail Tools to continue our dedicated service and quality while expanding nationally with facilities not only in Louisiana, but also in Texas, Wyoming, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Oklahoma.

Quail Tools continues to operate under the direction and management of the White family. Bob's commitment to his customers and employees continue through his sons, Marc and Keith.

With tremendous onsite inventories, as well as knowledgeable employees exhibiting a proud work ethic, Quail Tools continues to exceed customer's expectations while ensuring our reputation for quality equipment and service.