Along with our customers and suppliers, Quail Tools incorporates Health, Safety, and Environment as a core value within our company's policies and actions. Our commitment to our "Safety First” standard remains unwavering. Quail Tools' focus on education and training has helped make our reputation for consistent, quality work processes a distinctive advantage to our customers through reliability and reduction of risk. Our HSE programs contribute significantly to our position as one of the top rental tools companies in the oil and gas industry.

We strengthen our safety commitments through our various meetings and continuous training.

Daily pre-shift change meetings, weekly department meetings and monthly company-wide meetings are held. We review existing policies, reinforce our work safe attitude and discuss any concerns throughout our day to day operations. Quail Tools also stops all operations and holds a post–incident stand down meeting in which corrective actions and procedures are discussed with all employees.

Quail Tools creates a special four-person HSE Team, in every store location. The employees on the team are replaced every year and consist of non-management employees. This team meets every two months for the purpose of reviewing existing policies to ensure that they are still effective in our ever changing work environment. They also are instrumental in creating new policies and work areas. This team is readily available to receive any suggestions or ideas from other employees.